Product Descriptions in Seconds

Tired of struggling to find the right words to describe your products? combines your product data and artificial intelligence to do the job for you.


Write Engaging Product Descriptions with Artificial Intelligence

Powered by Artificial Intelligence uses the latest in artificial intelligence to generate product descriptions that are unique, engaging, and SEO friendly.
Based on Product Data
Information about your product (such as the title, brand, and category) is used to generate a unique and tailored description.
Control Length and Tone
Decide how long your descriptions should be and what tone they should have and will follow your preferences.
Include Special Instructions
Give special instructions on what to include or emphasize in your product description.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About How Works and Pricing

What e-commerce platforms does support? currently only works with WooCommerce. In the future, we hope to add support for more e-commerce platforms like Shopify, and others.

Do my products need a lot of data for to work?

It helps the artificial intelligence behind create better product descriptions if you have a extra data (categories, attributes, etc.) for each product. However, can still create a viable product description with limited information.

How much does cost? uses a simple credits system. Each time you ask to write a product description you use one (1) credit.

You start with 20 free credits in order to give a try on your site without any obligation. You will need to buy more credits when your initial amount runs out. Please view our Pricing section to learn more.


Start for Free, Pay As You Go

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Free / 20 Credits

Get Started

Try for free and see how it can help your store.

  • Write 20 product descriptions
  • Fully functional with no feature limitations

Small Store

$19 / 200 Credits

Buy Credits

The ideal solution for stores with a few products.

  • Write 200 product descriptions
  • One-time purchase with no monthly fee or subscription

Large Store

$39 / 500 Credits

Buy Credits

Perfect for stores with a large and diverse product catalog.

  • Write 500 product descriptions
  • One-time purchase with no monthly fee or subscription
  • Save over 10% compared to the Small Store package